Family of Saud Al Saud Carry out a Ferocious Media Campaign Against their Ottoman Ally

In an orchestrated media campaign carried out by opinion writers, the Authors of the Saudi Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper have never excluded any accusation and criticism without describing Erdogan with. This implies Saudis’ concern of what is going on in Turkey and that they preferred the media attack as a mean of defense. Hoping for this policy to prevent Erdogan from taking a future revenge from them and holding a reconciliation with their opponents in the region: Iran, Russia, Syria and its President Bashar Al-Assad.  

This first started by an article written by Abdul-Rahman Al-Rashed in which he confirmed Saudis’ concerns from Erdogan’s changing-position, stating that “Erdogan is now ready to reconsider his disputes with Russia and Iran on Syria, and we do not know his orientation yet. However, he apparently seems to reconsidering a second-thought”. Tareq Al-Hamid in an article written by him stated that: “It is hard to believe that Erdogan has come victorious. He has obviously lost self-control, which implies that the crisis in Turkey is becoming even more complicated. Maamoun Fandi stated that “The regime crisis in Turkey is worse than the one in Egypt, and it may continue for ten years at best”.

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