US : on the way to destruction

Scientists discovered a new imminent danger with  California assimilating  in crack in “Kscadaa” area and plenty of occurrence of  the light earthquakes there indicate on near the catastrophic earthquake. The  new studies have proved that probability a major earthquake may happened within the (50) next years in the area higher than  what had been expected Previously.

The probable earthquake in zone of “Kscadaa ” rift considers very serious because this place can be compared with  crack of  “San Andreas”, where the per tectonic plates sink under the other also and the initial predictions say that the quake could kill 13 thousand people, and territory sheets will move in an area stretching from California to Canada by gap 10 to 30 meters, and the water wall will hit the  beach along 900 kilometer after passage of 15 minutes of occurrence of the strong quakes.

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