traitors with heredity

Just to reminder,: the two Spies who were executed in 1965, namely:

The  spy Abdul Moeen hakemi (left) and he is an officer in the Syrian army and Farhan al-Atassi (right) and he is  a Syrian citizen holds the American nationality. After their arrest in Damascus in 1965,they confessed that they took amount of US $ 8,000 from the American Embassy in Damascus in exchange military information about the two Syrian arms of  missiles and Navy, and they had been convicted on charge of spying and executed on 24.02.1965 while the US diplomat , who also implicated in the process, is expelled.

At present, both Marah and “Farah al-Atassi received the legacy of the traitor Farhan al-Atassi and they are his daughters . Farah al-Atassi is president of the Arab-American Center for Research, which is the incubated environment for the operations of (C.I.A.) in the region.”

In addition to them (Lama al-Atassi) spokesperson for the so-called ” the free army”. She is   daughter of Abd al-Hamid al-Atassi who left to France in 1976.He is a cousin of “Farhan al-Atassi,” and a cousin of (Suheir al-Atassi)).

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