Robert Fisk: Terrorism is the First Loser of the Russian-Turkish Approachment

In his article in the British newspaper, the Independent, Robert Fisk said that the first post-failed-coup visit of the Turkish president Rejeb Tayeb Erdogan to Russia is a coup of a different kind, upon a statement prior to the visit, he said that, “A solution of the Syrian crisis cannot be found without Russia. We can resolve the Syrian crisis only in cooperation with Russia.”

The writer considered the possibility of cooperation with Bashar Al-Assad to resolve the crisis; arguing that if it is possible to shoot down a Russian plane then to embrace “the friend” Putin, why is it impossible for Erdogan to do the same thing with Al-Assad again. Fisk believes that Erdogan’s visit has a long list of potential losers. First, ISIS, Fatah Al-Sham front (Al-Nusra formerly) and all the other Islamic groups which are fighting the regime now in Syria, who suddenly find that their most reliable arms conduit has teamed up with their most ferocious enemy, the owner of the Russian air force. 

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