“American Military Men Baffled by a New Russian Weapon”

The retired American general Robert Scales, a former commandant of an American military school, was baffled by the new Russian weapon. In his article in the Washington Post, he affirmed that “the new Russian rocket launchers are more powerful than the American ones.”He added, “I heard about the performance of the Russian firepower system for the first time in a briefing recited by the European leadership of American forces. There were discussions about the “achievements of the Russian army in Ukraine. The general said that this is the first time since the beginning of the Cold War that an American war-fighting function has been bested by a foreign military. The general, also, believes Russia has developed the American technology of “steel rain”, pointing out that “the new generation of bomb let munitions that are filled with thermo baric explosives” could cause huge destruction and that “a single heavy-rocket-launcher battalion will annihilate anything within an area of about 350 acres.”

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