A US-Politician Calls President Obama to Stop the War in Syria

Tulsi Gabbard, a vice-chair of the American Democratic National Committee, delivered a very frank speech to the American public, in which she drew their attention to the fact that America is recreating the same Iraqi and Libyan scenarios in Syria without learning from its past mistakes. Gabbard ridiculed those who call for overthrowing Al-Assad by applying a no-fly zone, particularly Hillary Clinton, who was reminded of the Russians’ Military presence in Syria and taking such a measure will not only be of a high financial cost to the US, but it will also provoking the most powerful nuclear power that competes the USA. For these reasons, she considered Hilary’s project to be insane, unrealistic and unachievable.    

Gabbard decided to strongly oppose such unreasonable and chaotic calls that will only bring more catastrophes to the region and the world. She also called the US President, Obama, to immediately stop the war on Syria before any White House’s new administration takes over.  She invited the American public to support her calls and to express their support by asking Obama to “stop war on Syria immediately”.

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