Scientists: determine the days of the week in which the geniuses are born

Scientists from the Central Institute of Hydrology analyzed about( 750) biography of life of  prominent figures lived at different times in order to determine those days in the week in which the geniuses at the most generate.

This research has shown that the second half of Tuesday and first half of Wednesday and Saturday are the most appropriate time for the birth of such persons. Ivan Aivazovsky, George Byron , Wolfgang Mozart ,Mikhail Rakhmaninov, Leon Tolstoy and Charlie Chaplin and others have born in the second half of   Tuesdays.

As for  Honore de Balzac , Alexander Kobrin, Catherine II, Petros I, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Friedrich Nietzsche were  born  in the first half of Wednesdays  as the researchers considered  that  February is   month of  abundance more than   other in the birth of geniuses, and it  has already turned out to scientists from Columbia University of US that the most outstanding people with good health are born in  May, while it turns out to their counterparts from the British University of Southampton that the month of birth of a person affects the extent of his exposure to disease of allergies. 

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