American “Radioactive Waste” Emerges from Ice Sheet

The rise of temperature in the world during the coming decades will lead to the spread of radioactive waste, due to a neglected American military base, as a result of ice melting. The base is hidden under the Greenland ice sheet.. According to research carried out by scientists in Zurich university, media outlets pointed out that the pollution could be caused by radiant materials that remained in the American base, Century, where a project named “the Icy worm” was established—a project that was dedicated for locating nuclear rockets targeted at the Soviet Union under the Greenland ice sheet. That base was founded in 1959, but it was stopped later because of concerns about the movement and the solidity of the glaciers which form the sheet and the possibility that one day the sheet may crack or melt.

The research, also, pointed out that unknown amounts of radiant materials may be found in the depth of 35 meters, and that the radiant materials may start spreading with the melting of icy rivers at the end of century.

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