The Daily Beast: manipulation with the US intelligence information about the war against Daash

Site of “Daily Beast” published report in which pointed out to “a report issued by Republican members in the US Congress. It concluded that senior officials at the US Central Command manipulated with the  intelligence reports about the war against ” Daash “in order to give a  picture more optimistic on the progress of this war.”

The report simultaneously pointed out “that democratic deputies reached to the same conclusion after they conducted a separate investigation on this subject,” and added that  “the intelligence reports included information amounted to the  US President Barack Obama.

and that change of their content in order to give an optimistic picture of the progress of the war has been systematically . ” The report explained” that during four campaigns waged on “Daash” in Iraq in 2014 and 2015 /, the assessments issued by the Central command were more optimistic than those offered by the US intelligence services as “the report added that “US lawmakers blamed two major officials at the US Central command, namely the Director of intelligence Directorate  with the Central leadership “Steven Grove” and his deputy, “Gregory Ryckman. “

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