Business Insider” Magazine : Trump’s Win Would Be a Disaster for the Global Economy”

“Willem Buiter,” the chief economist at  the American City Bank, warned in a note he sent to clients, in which he said that Trump’s win in the presidential elections scheduled in next November would have negative impact on the financial markets; noting that his policies would inevitably undermine global trade and economic growth.

“Buiter” said in the note that was summarizedby the American”Business Insider” magazine in a report entitled “the win of «Trump» would be a disaster for the Global Economy”. Assuming that the arrival of Trump to the White House would lead to an increase in the global political uncertainty and tightenthefinancial conditions in the United States (Both factors affect the global growth). The Republican candidate’s win in the upcoming elections wouldlower global GDP growth at a rate between 0.7% – 0.8%.Buiteradded: ” According to our estimates,this pushes GDP growth easily below our benchmark of the global recession at the market exchange rates of 2016.

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