New York Times” to Saudis: You ignited the flames of extremism”

«The idea has become clear: Saudi Arabia export the Islamic bigoted tendency  and  the fundamentalism which is  known with the Wahhabism. This latter fueled  the global extremism and contributed in spread terrorism». An idea initiated by the «New York Times» Journal of US investigation of the Saudi role in the promotion of global extremism and the extent of influence of Wahhabism in that.

This statement was followed by another sentence saying that «Daesh is an extension of Wahhabism and its calls for violence in the West »    .

The report had headlined by: «The Saudis and extremism: people ignite fires and firefighters» which is phrase derived from a statement made by the researcher at the Institute «Brookings» William Maquint to the writer Scott Shane considering  that the Saudis «promote to very toxic kind  of  the radical Islam» and “Scott Shane ” indicates in his  achievement that there is a broad consensus that the « Saudi juggernaut ideology» dominated on the local Islamic traditions in dozens of countries  as the writer noted to«  the great embarrassment » exposed  by the Saudi authorities with adopting of« Daesh » on the Saudi official textbooks in its schools.

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