The Guardian: “Syria’s Opponents Fights Each Other on Its Soil”

The Guardian newspaper published an analytical article by Martin Chulov, in which he stated that “In the Pentagon’s war against ISIS, the Kurds were the most trained and motivated fighting party that received the US army full support “. However, there still one big problem, that is Turkey. Washington dependence on Ankara’s fiercest enemies may fail all Washington’s arrangements, if they have not already failed by Turkey’s entry of the war last week.

Having witnessed the Kurds gains on its borders over the past year, Ankara decided to send tanks through borders to chase the Kurdish fighters, who were accused of using Washington’s support to gain lands for declaring an independent State and making the Kurdish dream come true.

The writer argues that after the Turkish military intervention in Syria, it seems to be a clear fact that each party in Syria is fighting its own battle, in the world’s bloodiest battlefield .

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