Chomsky” The USA Retreats and Saudi Arabia Spreads Extremism”

The US philosopher and thinker “Naom Chomsky” said: that the world is changing. Having owned half of the world’s resources, enjoyed a superior security position and controlled half of the globe and the two oceans, the USA have been retreating since the fortieth of the last century. He believes that the Arab Spring is the preliminary stage for what had happened in Latin America during the last ten years, indicating that if this takes the same direction, the system of the whole world will be changed, and for that end the Western countries do its best to prevent that from happening. 

The US thinker also accused Saudi Arabia of spreading the extremist Islamic movements everywhere. However, the Western Countries and the USA are ready to turn a blind eye to them. Despite of the fact that Saudi Arabia is the most radical Islamic country; it plays a heroic role in the eyes of those countries, noting that it spreads its influence through money.

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