A new technology to recover the gold from E-waste

The researchers discovered a new technology that can help to develop methods to extract the precious metals and save about 300 tons of the used gold in the field of electronics annually. The researchers believe that electrical waste contain up to 7% of all of the gold in the world including the  mobile phones, TVs and the computers .

Professor Jason Loof who led the study said: “the  toxic chemicals use in processes of gold extraction such as cyanide and mercury, and the residual waste after recovery of gold often contain on toxic metals such as lead.”

So the  researchers from University of Edinburgh developed a new way of extraction does not use these toxic chemicals, and can have possible economic and social benefits, and the method involves on placing  circuit boards in a light acid to solve the metal parts, and after that  oily liquid contains a chemical compound is added to extract the gold. The researchers hope that this method works to improve ways of recovery of the  gold from e-waste .

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