The US Website “KITV”: “The Gloomy Kingdom of Wahhabism Detests Revolution and Freedom”

The US website “KITV” published an elaborate report, entitled  “Facts about Saudi rabia; the Gloomy Kingdom of Wahhabism that Detests Revolution and Freedom”. The report said that the Saudi regime is a repressive regime that hates Revolutions and Freedom. Out of this they are currently maintaining  close relationships with the Khulaifi regime of Bahrain, and they helped the Bahraini government in suppressing the Popular Movement of 2011 by sending the so called Al-Jazeera Shield Forces.

The website mentioned that Saudi Arabia is following the approach of Wahhabism to which Al Saud dynasty has been linked since the 18th century. In 1930, Al Saud dynasty established a modern state out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arab that adopted the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam, prohibited the public worship of the non-Muslims and highly restricted the public expression of religion by Muslims of any other non-Wahhabi sect, including the Shia. The website asserted that the war on Yemen is one of the most prominent crises from which Saudi Arabia is suffering at the present time; particularly that the volume of the Saudi violations in Yemen exceeded all limits, and with the United Nations’ report calling for an investigation on  human rights violations in Yemen.

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