things will disappear from our world coming soon 8

Scientists stressed that changes of climate and global warming will leave disastrous effects for the coming generations may be including: disappearance of some things from the face of the earth, including:

  1. ” millions of people”: The World Health Organization expected about 250 thousand additional death cases each year due to the change of climate in the period between / 2030 and 2050. /
  2. ” Maldive Islands “: where the Islands that outnumbered Thousand Islands can sink by 2050.
  3. Village of “Shishmaref” in Alaska: it is threatened with extinction soon due to the climate changes and rise of  sea level.
  4. The”coffee, wine and chocolate “: where British study confirmed that the suitable lands to grow the grains of  coffee, grapes and cocoa beans are threatened with extinction due to the  climatic changes.
  5. The wild animals”:the studies have confirmed that the world has lost about half of the wild animals in the last years.
  6. “glaciers”: with rising of temperatures the scientists believe that quarter of those rivers will disappear by 2050.

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