Asia Times: “Shanghai Cooperation Organization Has to Counter the American and Wahhabi Agenda in Syria”

The researcher Christina Lin wrote an article published on Asia times website, in which she affirmed that the alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia has started to pose a security threat to the Asian continent.

The writer added that Asia has started to reap the negative consequences resulting from US-Saudi alliance, and that the United States goes on supporting Riyadh policy ” on the account of other countries”. The alliance between Washington and the Saudis in Syria supports
Al-Qaeda-linked groups; a policy aims to regime-change instead of fighting terrorism and allows the growth of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Where there are Asian Jihadists in Syria, the writer emphasized that it is of SCO countries’ interest to stand against the American-Saudi regime-change agenda and prevent Syria from turning to a safe haven used by the armed groups to launch attacks against the SCO countries.

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