Foreign Policy: ” US Legislators Demand to Freeze an Arms Deal with Riyadh”

Sixty members of the US Congress Legislators have demanded to freeze supplying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the recent arms deal, according to the ”Foreign Policy Magazine”. The Magazine reported that as a result of “the increasing disappointment with Saudi Arabia, sixty members of the US Congress legislators have signed a letter asking Obama’s Administration to freeze selling the 1.15 billion US Dollars of weapons to Riyadh.

The US president’s addressed letter has raised issues concerning the increasing numbers of the Yemeni civilian casualties that were killed by the hands of the Saudi-Led Military alliance and Obama’s administration failure in curbing their Arab ally; according to the US magazine.

The US Department of State’s approved deal, includes selling up to 153 tanks, ammunition, hundreds of machine guns and other various Military equipment to Riyadh. It is worth mentioning that the Congress has the power to impede the transaction within 30 days.

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