“French Journalist” Addressing the Syrian Opposition, ’’Take Holland and Give us President Al-Assad‘‘

The French journalist “Laurent Ribbon” said in an interview with ((France 24)) I do not know why peoples rebel and particularly in Syria. The problem is that those who came out to rebel do not have the minimum requirements of reformative understanding or political action. What is strange is that if what happens in Syria of “organized terrorism” happened in any other country; death will be the fatal end of the perpetrator; however, in Syria and after all that happened, we see president Al-Assad, from a position of strength, issuing amnesty after another “even for those who carried arms” in order to return to their normal lives without any problems, he can also participate in the process of political settlement. I do reiterate that those carried arms are just a handful of smugglers and Ignoramuses, and I’ve seen this with my own eyes when I entered Syria from the Turkish borders where I was surprised to see that those who are called “revolutionaries” are in fact a bunch of shepherds, where one of them told me: you, in France, have liberties, I wish that “Holland” were our president, and  I told him “and he thought that I was making fun of him”: “take Holland and give us president Al-Assad”. 

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