Dutch Military Expert”: Beware if Al-Assad Brought Out the Heavy Weapons of Syria”

The Dutch military expert “Van Quinn” said in an interview with the “Military Magazine “that Al-Assad has succeeded in deceiving Israel through three tactical levels that reflect a long military experience. During the last five years, Al-Assad has made Israel go too far at all levels of air altitudes in the Syrian depth, which made Israel almost sure that the Syrian Air Defense Forces have become destroyed. 

Al-Assad went beyond that and made Israel feel with strategic air security, as what happened when Israel bombed Mount Qasioun in 2013. Al-Assad, after that, brought out the heavy weapons of Syria by shooting down an Israeli F16 jet using the locally modified Sam 5 missile or (S 200), sending a message to Israel that “This is only my modified weapon and I have not shown the strategically destroying missiles yet, such as (Tishreen 1) and (Saif Al-Sham)”.  

Van Quinn concluded his interview by advising Israel not to retest
Al-Assad’s strategic patience because it is completely ran out, and the Israeli government has to understand that the warehouses of Ammonia has become at the range of the Syrian Army and Hezbollah’s missiles, so I say to the Israeli government: “Close your border before Al-Assad closes your tombs “.

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