the mufti of AL-Saud ” Abdel-Aziz Al-Sheikh” issued a fatwa that forbidden playing chess because it’s inadmissible to mate the check as kings are not to be mated usually. Besides  his game suggests that there is a power that moves kings and ministers from outside the chessboard and by that the king is belittled . the Saudi authorities are now holding an expanded campaign to arrest all ministers and soldiers in the chess game to depart them while excluding the kings that Al Saud  prefers to keep after giving them political asylum.

According to close sources, the Mufti extensive studies have shown that the chess pieces sneaked into the country without going through the sponsor system, and that the king ,the minister and soldiers in the game are descendants of Indian and Hindu which means that religion can never be spread amongst them as they are deaf, dumb and blind, so they do not understand.

The Arabic and Islamic masses are eagerly waiting the mufti to issue a book that forbids other games like cross words, Sudoku and ten differences as they have the ability of provoking the mind to think , the thing that the kingdom since its establishment is working to prevent, as it prefers the commitment of its citizens to the possessors of authority’s directions and applying it without diligence .

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