Henry Kissinger”: We Will Occupy Middle-East through Sectarian Strife”

The British journal “Daily Squib” recently published leaked confidential declarations made by Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State, in which he said: “I am very glad for all what we have achieved, and still only one smaller step; that is attacking Iran. When China and Russia wake up from their sleep there would be the explosion and big war in which only one force would achieve victory that is Israel & USA. Israel will have to fight using its full power and arms in order to kill as many as they could of the Arabs and to occupy half of the Middle East. We will step on the Russian bear and kill all Muslims of the world in the coming war. We, together with Israel, will destroy Iran, having imagined that it has recovered and became stronger; however, this is just an illusion. The Sunnis will kill the Shia or vice versa and we will eradicate the rest of them.”

“We will occupy seven countries: Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Bahrain; as we need the resources of all those countries, and we might occupy all Arab countries.”

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