The Foreign Policy” American support to Saudi in its war in Yemen must stop”

The American Foreign Policy said critics of the military Saudi campaign on Yemen in congress are asking the white house to halt its support for Riyadh , and pointed that the American administration has actually mentioned  its thought about  reducing support to Saudi Arabia  in an uncommon step that will  provoke the anger of the US  most powerful  allies in the Arab world . nevertheless , congress MPs are still not satisfied with the mere threat of the white house to Saudi while the  number of civilian death is rising in this nearly 2years war.

The newspaper continued saying  that California representative Ted Lieu – who made real efforts to postpone an arm deal with Saudi  worth  more than 1 billion dollar- said to Foregin Policy that ” continued slaughter of civilians caused  by the Alliance with Saudi leadership must be considered  a war crime ” and called US  to halt its support to the Alliance immediately. In his turn, senator Chris Moore  said that acute rhetoric is no longer useful and that US must stop its support to Saudi in Yemen right now .

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