Lobelog: “America Has to Accept Stopping the War in Syria According to President Al-Assad’s Conditions”

“Graham Fuller”, a former senior official at the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wrote an article published on Lobelog website, in which he said, “The vast majority of the Syrian People prefer the reign of President Bashar Al-Assad on the chaos of war”. “Washington has to decide whether it intends to continue using the armed groups in Syria as a bargaining chip, or to stop the war according to Al-Assad’s conditions, considering that the second option is more realistic and humanitarian” he added.

The writer continued that the superiority of President Al-Assad’s position in this confrontation would make Russia “The strategic Winner”; wondering whether this would be a real strategic setback for the United States. The writer referred to the ability of Washington to continue the war against Syria in order to encounter Russia, in light of the flowing waves of the refugees and radicals to the West.

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