the inevitable end of agents and traitors” an intellectual critical paragraph”

A duck once said to the bull: ” I wish I could reach the top of this rock “, the bull answered: ” why not , I can pile my dung to help you going up ” and so that was , in day one the bull piled his dung next to the rock and so the duck climbed third of it, in the second day the bull piled more dung in the same place and the duck climbed two- thirds of the rock , in the third day the dung pile was almost as high as the rock and the duck rushed to the top of it but as it stepped on it a hunter saw it and hunted it dead!!

thus we can say that the basis which the enemies of Syria tried to build to reach the top of the Syrian rock has shortly collapsed bringing down with it their brutal plan and project as they depended on mercenaries from “astray strangers”  to “bandits” and ” traitors” who ended up either as bums in the streets and bars of the west or as dead bodies eaten by  vermin and warms.

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