Belgian Military Expert” : Syrian President Foiled USA’s Geopolitical Plans”

Belgian military expert Rofald Fantereux said that the geopolitical facts of the Middle East sought after by the USA to match its interests had changed thanks to the strategic patience of the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad. Al-Assad had had been able to manage the conflict not only in Syrian but also in the whole region. He had managed to involve strong allies, such as Russia and Iran, in an advanced forefront against terrorism. Al-Assad had also gone further in changing the policy and positions of some western countries, such as Czech Republic, Belarus and partly France, after the terrorism it had suffered. Thus, he had destroyed the US-Israeli dream of drawing a demographic map suiting the nature of conceding the Jews’ presence in Palestine. Al-Assad had understood the game before it had started and promoted the nationalistic thought in all the countries in the region.

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