Bedouins and their flimsy pretexts of protecting sanctities ” intellectual critical article”

Under the name and the argument of protecting sanctities , al-Tabari was killed, Al-Hallaj was crucified, Ibn hayyan’s blood was shed, Al-Monammar was exiled , and the books of AL-Ghazali,Ibn Rushd and Asfhani were burnt , beside that each of Farabi , Ibn Sina , AL Kindi and  AlGhazali  was accused of blasphemy. Al Sahrodi was killed ,the limbs of Ibn al-Muqaffa’ were cooked in a pot then were grilled in front of his eyes then he was obliged to eat them before he died due to the worst kinds of torture , Al Ja’d bin Dirham was slaughtered while the head of Ahmad bin Nasr was hanged on a stick that marched many alleys, the tongue of   AL-Din bin AL-Khateeb was strangled and his body was burnt, Ibn AL-Fared was accused to be a disbeliever and was chased everywhere.

Meanwhile, in our time, and under the pretexts of protecting sanctities and Islam , Bedouins are persecuting minorities and depriving them  the right to practice their civil rights  while supporting Takfiris and Salafis  and projecting them against minorities to wipe them out just because they don’t follow their corrupted believes that are out of any foundation or pillar of true religion .

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