The Independent” : Saudi Arabia Threw Itself Into Destruction”

“Saudi Arabia has thrown itself into destruction, and its air raids on Yemen will be a death blow for both Saudi Arabia and Yemen alike.”, according to the Independent.

“Who had decided to wage this war in the poorest Arab country? Whether they are Saudis whose king is known in the Arab World for his inability to make decisions related to the nation, or they are Amirs (princes)  within the Saudi army who are worried about the security forces not being loyal to the Royal family.”, the newspaper wondered.

“What is happening in Yemen is simple: the Houthies, who are Shia Muslims, have seized the capital Sana’a by Iran’s support, or as the Saudis say. The legitimate president has escaped from his office in Sana’a to Aden in the south, then to Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis will not allow  creating a “proxy” state for Iran on their borders.”, the newspaper observed.

“However, the most exciting scenario is that the soldiers of Yemeni-origin constitute approximately fifty percent of the Saudi army. The scene can be imagined how it looks from Riyadh.”, the newspaper added.

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