Lobelog” Europe is seeking to reinforce its relations with Iran to resolve the regional crises”

President of the European Parliament mission which is  responsible for  the parliamentary relations with Iran, “Eldar Mamedov” wrote an article published by the site of “Lobelog”, in which he talked about a report adopted by the European Parliament recommends the European Union  to make full use of the nuclear agreement in order to reinforce  the cooperation with Iran in various fields.

The writer explained that the report calls the European Union and Iran to take advantage of this “window” through the intensification of cooperation to fight against terrorism and the protection of the environment and the academic and cultural exchange and the  air and maritime security.

And the author saw that the report speaks with “respectful and constructive” language   and pointed out that the report does not stand by any party between Iran and its regional rivals such as Saudi Arabia, which will allow to  the EU to play the role of mediator to resolve the region’s conflicts from Syria to Yemen. The writer saw that these steps emphasize the importance of reinforcement the EU-Iran ties, ruling out that the European Union follows ascending approach against Iran, even in the event the  President next US chose to behave this approach.

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