Trump to “The Wall Street Journal”: We will Fight Terrorism neither Syria nor Russia

The US elected President Donald Trump said that he will stop supporting the “armed groups in Syria”. In his first interview after he was elected, Donald Trump said: “My opinion is different from many others about Syria”. He indicated that he will transfer the support presented by the US administration to the armed opposition, and he will concentrate his efforts on fighting “ISIS”. He added: “My attitude, in brief, is that you are fighting Syria which is fighting “ISIS”, and you have to dispose of the latter. Furthermore, Russia infinitely is allying with Syria, and now there is Iran, which becomes powerful thanks to us, is allying with Syria, too”. He added: “Now we are supporting “the opposition” against Syria and we have no idea who these people are?” The newspaper indicates that during his election campaign, Trump has criticized Obama’s Administration and its support for the Syrian armed groups. When Trump was asked about his foreign policy, he mentioned that there will be a change in the policy towards Syria, and he warned of any US interference there, saying: “If America attacked President Al-Assad, we will eventually confront Russia”. 

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