notes of Russian prisoner

One of the Russian prisoners in World War II wrote in his memoirs: ” the Germans have forced us in (1941 m) to dig a deep hole in the ground. And after we completed what they wanted.  They brought a group of Jews and threw them in the pit.  And they ordered us to bury them.  We rejected this heinous act. The Germans ordered to throw us in the hole instead of the Jews, and ordered them to burry us .The  Jews began to lower the dirt on us without hesitation.  And almost the  dust dunks us  but for that  the Germans stopped  them and got us out. Where we  surprised that the German Commander speaks to us crying: ” I wanted you only to know who the  Jews are. They are ungrateful.  They have not   friends ” .

This photograph was taken in Venista “Ukraine” in 1941. It has been found in a photo album for a German soldier written underneath last Jew in Venista.

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