“Bahlol’s cotton shirt”

Malik bin Dinar once said to Bahlol :” allow me to buy you a cotton shirt ” Bahlol agreed and so bin Dinar rushed to the market and brought one, Bahlol looked at it and flipped it right and left  then threw it saying this isn’t what I want, bin Dinar asked him : what is it that you want then? he answered : I want a shirt made of fidelity, preserved from defilement and  derogation , made of a cotton planted in verity and been guarded from malice , one that angel Gabriel watered with pure water and so it ripened goodness  and fruited  white cotton (purity), ripped with the hands of the honorable and pious  , scooped with the hands of loyalty with highness and serenity without staleness ,sifted with enlightenment cords ,yarned with the spinning wall of praise and exaltation with love and care , so it conceal who wears it from hell .

So blessed is he who deserve wearing such a shirt nowadays ,and how impossible it is that hypocrites with beards stained with innocent blood to touch it  .

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