Discovery of ocean at a depth of 1000 km from the earth’s surface

The scientists have discovered the existence of large amounts of water at a depth of about thousand kilometers below the earth’s surface, and without this enormous amount of water  the Geodynamic activity or the dynamics of the earth  which causes the  volcanoes will stop and  the recent is very important to generate  the  dust and preserve on the  life on our planet. The  scientists believe that the amount of water that  find in  the rock constitutes up to 1.5% of the earth’s weight and it  is the same realized amount at all the oceans of the world together. And  the water plays a key role in maintaining on  the geological activity beneath the surface of the Earth. The  water also helps on the  convection  for earthly pulp ( the creeping slow motion  for  earthly pulp or rocky mantle that  locates between the nucleus of the  Earth and its cortex, which is caused by  the streams of  convection in it), where  the researchers said that  the lack of water in inside the ground would have made the  thermal cloak inactive then it will depend in the end, and therefore the  volcanoes that play an important role in generating   the earth’s crust that we live on it will not constitute.

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