The Economist :Saudi Arabia is in retreat on all fronts

The Economist magazine said that Saudi Arabia is in retreat on all fronts pointing that  at the end of the year2016 the kingdom finds itself in retreat on all fronts. Its ambassador has pulled out of Iraq, fleeing a torrent of abuse from politicians and the rebels in Aleppo are on the verge of defeat ,besides The Saudis have bowed to Iran’s preference for Lebanon’s president. And at an OPEC meeting, they agreed to shoulder the largest share of a production cut in a bid to restore prices, while letting Iran raise its production to pre-sanctions levels.

In Yemen, the magazine talked about the Kingdom’s shortness of options there, as Egypt’s President, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, is making overtures to Syria, Russia and even Iran after Saudi Arabia cut back shipments of free oil.

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