The New York Times”: The Syrian Leadership has Won”

Peter Galbraith, the former US Ambassador to Croatia, wrote an article published in the New York Times, in which he emphasized the need to stop the War in Syria, and asserted that the Government of President Bashar Al-Assad has won this war. The writer described the propositions to provide more military support for the so-called “Syrian Moderate Opposition” as unproductive idea, considering that such support shall not change the course of the war, but certainly would lead to more people getting killed. 

The writer considered that the outcome of the war has become clear, however, how to put an end for it is an extremely important issue. The United States has interest in reaching an endpoint, where most of the Syrians are allowed to return home and complete defeat against ISIS and other terrorist groups is guaranteed. The writer pointed that”Achieving these goals requires close cooperation with Russia, adding that Washington and Moscow can initiate negotiations over terms that end the war even before the newly elected US president Donald Trump takes office.

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