A Nation Leading All Other Nations

If we say: “Patriotism of is a part of faith”, takfiris would rush to say, “this is a mere fabricated prophetic tradition”. However, they cannot afford to say anything about Surat Al Balad, “I swear by this land, and you are a resident of this land”. Arab grammarians believe that the Arabic verse bears two meanings, the first one means that God does not swear by Mecca (the land of the Prophet and his country) as long as its people are aiming to kill him. The second meaning is that God does swear by Mecca, the land of the Prophet, as long as he is staying in it.

Countries’ value comes from its good people, and not from its buildings and streets. Therefore, the love of the homeland is attributable to the residents of this land and not the land itself.

The Quran swears by a homeland in which good people live, build and protect it. Homeland always calls for its people to be faithful and patriotic because it is the land and the home, which cares for them and protects them from their enemies.

Tales about the Prophet talk about his love of his homeland Mecca, especially when he migrated to the Madina; he turned towards Mecca saying with tears: “God knows that you are the dearest land to my heart, and if it were not for your people I would not have departed.”

When he settled in the Madina, he and his companions became nostalgic to Mecca. Moreover, when wars broke out between him and the polytheists and Jews, the wounded Muslims did not go to Bani Nadeer or Bani Gereida for treatment! In addition, when the Prophet concluded a treaty with the people of the Madina, who have different religions, it stated, “The people to this document are a nation leading all other nations.”

During this unjust war, which was imposed on Syrians of different sects and affiliations, the Syrians proved to be a nation leading all other nations and this is the secret to their victory. Just as the Prophet and his companions loved their homeland, the Syrians as well love their homeland, and just as the wounded Muslims did not go to the enemies for treatment, the honorable Syrians are healing in their country, but those who went to Israel to find the cure … the answer lies with the reader.

  • Ali Shuaibi

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