British General : The West must admit its defeat in Syria

General David Richards, the former British Chief of Defence Staff announced that the western countries must admit their defeat in the war of Syria. Talking to the British “BBC” Radio, Richards said: “unfortunately it is seems that we have lost this war, but that does not mean we are losing peace; we have to arm ourselves with the right strategy, and I think this is what the western leaders and statesmen should focus on” . The General also pointed that the western counties are lacking a clear strategy; something owned by both the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, who according to the British General, had superiority over the western leaders.

The General emphasized that, under the current circumstances in Syria, he calls to stop the war as soon as possible saying “the humanitarian situation in Syria horrifies us all, and this war will go on for years unless we put an immediate end to it, and I  think that the liberal position of the west, including my personal position, was sometimes extremely hypocritical and I am not afraid of admitting  that”; “We are shedding crocodile tears when we speak about the problem of the humanitarian situation (in Syria),  while we have  never been ready to solve it”.

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