Robert Fisk : the west supported the cruelest and most ruthless fighters in Syria and Iraq

Robert Fisk wrote an article for The Independent  declaring that it’s about time to tell the truth differently , that truth that the west supported the cruelest and most ruthless fighters in the middle east , and that the west has deliberately ignored their practices against civilians in the city of Aleppo . Fisk criticized the western media discourse about the events of Aleppo and Palmyra , pointing that the headlines of the western press focused on the ” fall of Aleppo ” in the hands of the army , while he assured that the press would have certainly used the phrase “restoration of Aleppo ” in different circumstances, he kept on saying that western media  used the term “restoring” when it talked about ” ISIS restoring” Palmyra while it should have said that the city of Palmyra has “fell in the grip” of the terrorist organization  . the British journalist also wondered why the US warplanes didn’t  join the Russian aviation in bombing the processions of “Daesh” on the outskirts of the city of Palmyra,  Fisk continued saying that it’s time to change the media discourse about  Aleppo, pointing out that the human rights organizations started directing condemnations to these armed groups after it felt that their defeat is imminent.

  • Source: (( alahednews )).

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