Scientists: ” the hidden rivers” would cause a mass extinction

Scientists from the United States confirmed that ” the hidden rivers” in the layers of the atmosphere may be the reason in a mass extinction of many of the organisms in the future. The scientists pointed out that the so-called “the hidden rivers” is large  amounts of water vapor airborne  which exist  at layers of the atmosphere, and these quantities of water or water vapor do not see with the naked eye because of their distribution between the  different gases that surround the planet of earth.

According to  the   scientists in the year (2011) the gaseous rivers caused  the disappearance of shellfish in the northern part in San Francisco Bay, where those quantities of fresh water were the  reason behind the low of rate of salinity in that part of the Gulf, which led to the death of oysters, and in reference to the amounts of water that carried by these rivers, scientists said: ” that  the rivers of  water in layers of  the atmosphere are responsible for the falling of 30 to 50% of the rainfall on the western coasts of the United States.

  • Source (( lintaro )).

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