Firil Center: Syria Shall Witness the World-Best Economic Growth within Two Years

In a report, Firil Studies Center stated that the results of the researches carried out by the Arab Gulf States and the United States on the cost of war in Syria are giving imaginary numbers. In order for the Syrians not to fall in the disappointment maze which the World bank and the Arab Gulf States mean; we should know that the requirements of the Syrian people is simple, and the most affected cities are Aleppo and Homs, and the reconstruction cost for them is 4 Billion US Dollars for each city, according to the modern urban planning system. A simple calculation shows that the reconstruction process of all the affected cities and villages, to be as they were in 2010, requires 48 Billion US Dollars, therefore the total losses of the war in Syria is 120 Billion US Dollars not 700 Billion US Dollars as the World Bank promotes. According to Firil Center expectations, “Syria needs two years from the moment of declaring the end of war and starting the reconstruction process to achieve the world highest economic growth, provided that the following conditions are met: fighting all forms of corruption, setting a well studied economic plan, the reconstruction priority is given to the Syrians  in first place, then to Russia, Iran, China, and the counties that supported Syria;   excluding Turkey and the Arab Gulf States from any investment contacts, investing the discovered underground resources and imposing a tax system on the high-income earners.

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