Le Figaro: 700 French citizens are fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq

The fact that the terrorist ISIS organization attracts citizens of European and foreign countries, and exploits them to fight among its members and execute crimes against unarmed civilians is no longer a secret. New figures on the fighting of European citizens with the terrorist ISIS were disclosed by the Head of Counter-terrorism Coordination Unit in France, Loic Garnier, who said that about three thousand European citizens, including about 700 French citizens have joined the ranks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro, Garnier said, “According to the reports, the number of French citizens in that region is about 700 people, and the number of people killed is around 232”.

Garnier said that the number of foreigners who joined ISIS in 2015 reached 30 thousand, but this number has currently dropped to 12 thousand, including 3000 European citizens.

The question here is, “Is it not the time for the leaders of those European countries to stop supporting terrorism and its tools, particularly since these vicious scorpions are on their way to their doorsteps?”

  • Source (( arabic.rt )).

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