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Seven Skies

An ill-mannered shopkeeper puts a set of good fruits – in terms of their form and taste –at the forefront to attract customers, but whenever a customer comes in to buy from them, he would say that these are not for sale, and give him instead a fruit that is bad in terms of its form and taste. Hence, he ...

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Moskovsky Newspaper: A Proposal to Establish a Confederation between Russia and Syria

“Moskovsky Komsomolets” Newspaper reported that the infrastructure experts at the Institute of Political Analysis submitted a proposal to President Putin on the establishment of a confederation between Russia and Syria. The proposal relies on coordination in the field of foreign policy and the formation of a (defense- security) power to ensure the protection of the State’s borders. The most prominent ...

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Scientists refute one of the hypotheses of the origin of life on the earth

Geophysics scientists from Sweden and Denmark confirmed that the hypothesis that talks about the start of the emergence of life on Earth after the collision of a large meteorite with it  is unfounded and (( Nature Communications magazine)) quoted for scientists their saying ” all the researches proved that the (meteoritic) collision  with  the  planet of the Earth happened before ...

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