Seven Skies

An ill-mannered shopkeeper puts a set of good fruits – in terms of their form and taste –at the forefront to attract customers, but whenever a customer comes in to buy from them, he would say that these are not for sale, and give him instead a fruit that is bad in terms of its form and taste. Hence, he sets an example for an ill-mannered shopkeeper!

This is also the case for those who promote Islam but do not showcase to the people His mercy and His love for them, and do not manifest His great words (Servants of God, be brothers). All that they show and say are Israeli alterations that were enough to tear apart the nation and weaken it. The enemies, who only seek to weak the nation, saw that the best way to reach the ordinary uneducated Muslims is through raising the banner of Islam! Aiming to achieve their agenda in the name of Islam!

Those who think they are replacing the sincere companions, followers and scholars, and follow the argument of the great magician of the Wahhabis are far from Islam. If you ask me what is the argument of the Wahhabi “Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab”, I will say that the man simply denies all Muslims in the world to justify to his group the killing and slaughtering of other Muslims. He used to say, “Every living person under the seven skies is polytheist, and that who kills a polytheist goes to paradise!” So did he and his followers, who wrongly believe themselves to be followers of the companions and sincere followers.

On the other hand, what did the Prophet say in Bukhari, in the second part under the title (the virtues of prophecy)?

The Prophet said, “I swear that I do not fear for you to turn into polytheists after my death.”

All Muslims believe the Prophet, who swore and denied polytheism after his death, and this is contrary to Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab’s claim, which is used as a justification for killing Muslims!  Ignorant Muslims still believe such claims. So when do we close the doors to such ignorance and protect our country and people? The war that was imposed on us taught us how to respond to such ignorance and to spare the country and the people their evil. Syrians, be on the side of love and compassion.

Dr. Ali Al Shuaibi

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