The British Newspaper “i” : The Syrian President is on His Way to Win the War

The British newspaper “i” pointed out that the Syrian peace talks organized by Russia, Turkey and Iran prove that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is on his way to win the war that has lasted for six years in the country. The newspaper stressed that many participants in the talks have good reasons to participate, highlighting that one of the most anticipated positive results of these talks would be the confirmation of the ceasefire agreement, which was concluded on December 29 and was partially effective. The newspaper stated that the United States does not play a direct role in these talks, but it has delegated its ambassador to Kazakhstan to attend the talks in an indication that the USA is not opposing the ceasefire.

The newspaper sees that these talks confirm the fact that the Russian military intervention in the Syrian war proved Russia to be the most important foreign power involved in this war; the talks also show that Turkey has backtracked its policy, which has long called for the President al-Assad to step down.

  • Source (( elnAshrA )).

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