Moskovsky Newspaper: A Proposal to Establish a Confederation between Russia and Syria

“Moskovsky Komsomolets” Newspaper reported that the infrastructure experts at the Institute of Political Analysis submitted a proposal to President Putin on the establishment of a confederation between Russia and Syria. The proposal relies on coordination in the field of foreign policy and the formation of a (defense- security) power to ensure the protection of the State’s borders. The most prominent signatories of this letter included the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Political Analysis, Mr. Yevgeny Tonic, who reminded President Putin that in case Syria became occupied by the terrorists hiding under the name of “moderate opposition”, a direct geopolitical way will be paved for the United States and its allies to target Iran, and then, the Russian sovereignty over Caspian Sea. Under such events, the enemies of Russia will tighten their grip around Russia, which is bordered to the north by the Baltic Sea States, to the west by Ukraine, to the east by Japan, and to the South by Georgia and the Middle East. In case such confederation took place, any invasion of the Syrian land will be considered as a declaration of war against the Russian Federation, and this will force the United States and its allies to abandon their policy of exacerbating the situation in Syria.

  • Source: ((Arabic.rt)).

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