The Syrian crisis ” source of creativity and inspiration “

Our ancestors and  sages once  said that hardships and calamities increase the strength and determination of people and make them more able to survive and cope with the emerging problems, this saying applies to the Syrian crisis and its effects on all the segments of  the Syrian society.

was not the economic crisis that befell on Syria a source of inspire for pioneers in business, economics , finance, industry and agriculture to research and develop new methods to compensate for the heavy losses?

Wasn’t this crisis a reason for self-reliance in many scientific and technical areas after the ban on techniques, wasn’t it a reason for scientific centers and relevant areas of communications, military and civilian information to resort to developing tools and means independently to meet the challenges and provide the necessary services, relying on energy self-scientific qualifications available, and the emergence of high quality IT products and systems that emulate international products.

Wasn’t the Syrian citizen from different levels up to the challenges  and able to face the hardships of the crisis in food ,security and standard of living, didn’t he  devised creative ways and methods to deal with all of this in an effort to support the state and government to absorb the complex implications of the crisis.

Hasn’t this crisis contributed to the revival of patriotism and exhibition of  the latent potentials  in some individuals and groups of citizens in the creation of sophisticated tools and means to address the social, economic and living challenges through the establishment of different social civil organizations operate under  the patriotic roof trying to heal the pain and misfortunes of our nation caused by the crisis, and trying to offer ideas and solutions in line with the orientations of the state.

Finally, we must point out  that the various aspects of the crisis had clearly led to the disclosure of some of the weaknesses points in the way of dealing with problems at various levels, prompting the leadership to issue a number of decrees and laws that help to overcome this weakness and mitigate its effects,besides, many of the ministries, agencies and departments have amended their regulations and laws to be flexible.

There’s much to say in this regard ,but most importantly is that no life in despair and no despair in life, as hardships and difficulties can’t be solved with self isolation and running away , it only can be faced with a spirit of challenge, patience creativity and reinforcement of both self-esteem and the sense of responsibility that impose on everyone to give all what it takes whether precious or cheap to maintain the sovereignty and the prestige of  our nation .

Source: an upstanding citizen

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