(( Few facts about the current political status in Syria ))

Any observer of the political situation in Syria finds that the Syrian Arab Army’s victories have the biggest arm in  re-ordering the internal affairs of the Syrian House through  holding national reconciliation (reconciliation of Barada valley – reconciliation  of Ghabagheb etc…)which contribute to and assist in the return of the people of Syria safely to the bosom of the nation  to help rebuilding  it again .and of course  when talking about the Syrian situation one  can not overlook the role of the Russian side that has a policy which focuses on restoring security and stability to areas that revolves in the orbit of Russian vital area “from Ukraine to Syria, Iran and Iraq” as the stability of these countries is the guarantor of the continuity of stability in the Middle East, especially Syria, where president Bashar AL-Assad has pointed out on more than one occasion that stability in Syria is the scale of the stability in the region and the world, and that the repercussions of the Syrian situation will have an impact on the entire region and European countries, while concerning the American policy in the light of the elected president (Donald Trump) the president’s policy is still vague and unpredictable, especially  with Saudi rapprochement toward him and his threat to Iran.

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