? Questions emplaced in the hands of the honest Syrian citizen

Who benefits from attacking the infrastructure of the Syrian Arab republic and vandalizing its facilities and factories?

Who benefits from the lack of security and safety in the country after it was in the refineries of  the safe countries?

Who benefits from fragmenting the Syrian society and deepening the sectarian strife and spreading hatred and grudge?

Who benefits from striking and targeting the military forces , from weakening and distracting its objectives and ideological orientations?

Who benefits from worsening the economic situation and  draining the resources of the state and curbing the wheel  of industry, agriculture and development?

Who benefits from striking unique historical monuments bearing the identity of the Syrian Arab Republic that are considered benchmarks and are classified internationally?

Who benefits from the foreign interference and  the tampering with the sovereignty of the state and its prestige and components?

Who benefits from striking social, cultural, educational and intellectual structures and distorting them?

Who benefits from the deployment of terror , horror, fear and killings in the Syrian society and corrupting its security and safety?

Many countless questions are put in the hands of every honest citizen who still doubt the suspicious role of  the terrorism-sponsoring nations, and the objectives of  the cosmic conspiracy against our country, questions that must be answered with true heart and clear mind, with conscious , sincerity and transparency, only then the dimensions and objectives of this conspiracy will unfold in front of his eyes and he will be convinced that the Syrian state and the people, the army and honest friendly states  behind it are the one and only sanctuary , the compassionate father with warm cuddle who takes care and makes sure to provide a decent living for citizens , who preserves the state’s sovereignty and prestige and prevent tampering with it.

Source: an upstanding citizen

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