” Confessions of an economic hit man “

Russia Today T.V has published a series of interviews entitled ” confessions of an economic hit man ” with the American author  John Perkins after releasing his new book ” The Economic Assassination of Nations ” in which he talks about the story of his recruitment by the US Agency for National Security, and about the training he received to become an economic hit man under the cover of  a huge American engineering consulting firm that he worked in as an economic expert . Perkins became famous after admitting that he was a special kind hit man who participated in the economic death of entire nations , and that by bribery and extortion has forced leaders of developing countries to take loans from the United States and entered them into the quagmire of debt and economic dependence, according to his testimony , if any political leaders rejected the terms of cooperation ,the  US special systems send special elements called “jackals” to assassin him, like what  happened in “Panama” and “Ecuador”, and in case the ” jackals ” fail, the US send its army like what happened in Iraq. In his book,  “John Perkins” admits explicitly that there are a lot like him, and that economic assassination of  Nations has become a routine for the United States, he also he mentions the names of leaders who were his victims, and the names of countries in which he raised fierce storms including Latin American and Middle Eastern countries.

The link of the full documentary on YouTube is :


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