” Discovery of Hidden ” Zeelandia continent

New study confirmed the existence of a hidden continent on the Earth’s surface, called “Zeelandia” in the region  of Pacific Ocean relating to New Zealand, and a team of researchers consists of 11 scientists, found  that New Zealand and New Caledonia are considered part of the huge continental crust (4.9 million square km)  separated for Australia.

The study, that was published in the Geological Society of America and which relied on the technology of gravity map and satellite images, reached  to that the  region is  immersed by 94% of water, due to the thinning of the crustal before a massive disintegration ,and  the researchers said: “That the  scientific value of   discovery of   Zeelandia continent” ”  is very large, and this discovery may be very useful in the study of how the disintegration of the continental crust. “

The thickness of Zeelandia crust ranges between 10 and 30 km, which is almost with  size of India and is believed to be deducted from Antarctica before about 100 million years  , to separate from Australia about 80 million years ago.

  • Source “arabic.rt”

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